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PostSubject: Re: New Skin For Forum   New Skin For Forum - Page 3 EmptyFri Apr 09, 2010 4:13 pm

Think we need to start with what we have. I come on here regularly and there are no posts from anyone, so I dont bother. Makes me one of the culprits!!!

I think in the past week or so, a few threads have appeared and I've felt like having a post.

I reckon, if we call ourselves proper fans, there must be at least one thing a week we want to have a rant about. If so, we can start the threads ourselves (I havent started one for ages) and people will obviously start replying.

The world cup is around the corner, the most exciting league for years is coming to a conclusion and our teams are doing wonderfully well in Europ.....a League.

There must be stuff to talk about!
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New Skin For Forum
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